Hardwood Components

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We get it - when you need product for your customer, you need to know that you can rely on the manufacturer. You don't have time to waste with needless chit-chat, vague delivery dates, and inconsistencies in product quality. You need a manufacturer with honest and straightforward communication, a high-quality product, and reliable consistency in every shipment.

Our products & services

Wood products
  • Hardwood components - including laminated panels & posts, bar tops, tabletops, & countertops, furniture components, stair parts, and much more.
  • Mouldings and S4S
  • Stile and rail stock
  • Mortising and tenoning
  • Rough and surfaced lumber
  • Specified width, length, and color sorts
  • Customized hardwood products and assemblies
  • Finger jointed products
  • Wood by-products
  • Truckload-volumes are available
  • Millions of board feet of annual production

Custom dimensional components

Yoder Lumber is a leading manufacturer of custom dimensional hardwood components in large quantities. Our 75,000-sq. ft. hardwood components division has the capabilities and to process a wide variety of lumber species into quality products that come to your warehouse ready to use. We're also able to create custom hardwood components to your specs and pre-fabricate components in kits for fast assembly at your facility.

Machine scanning

Innovation & technology

With over 30 years of experience in producing hardwood components, Yoder Lumber is dedicated to investing in the latest technology. Many of our staff have been with us for more than 20 years, and the combination of experience and investment in cutting-edge technology allows us to stay on top of the latest trends so that our customers don't have to.

Some of our automated tech capabilities include:

  • Machine scanning and defecting of our products
  • Computerized color matching of panels
  • Long-standing relationships with high-quality CNC contractors
  • Automated material handling

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