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At Yoder Lumber, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for your unique projects. When seeking specific components and working on one-of-a-kind designs, our small-shop focus on quality combined with access to large-shop production equipment allows us to deliver efficiently. Whether you require special architectural hardwood components or expert guidance to bring your vision to life, Yoder Lumber serves as your one-stop shop, providing both quality craftsmanship and industry expertise.

Custom cell

Working with us means:

  • You get access to our custom cell, where these special products are produced
  • Our team of seasoned professionals are here to help bring your vision to life
  • We have a stable workforce, which means you don't have to worry about the ball being dropped on your project
  • We can create special packages or specific productions in whatever quantity you need
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Some of our custom-made products include:

  • Custom Tabletops
  • Live edge table tops
  • Bar tops and countertops
  • Custom assemblies
  • Hardwood trims and mouldings
  • Structural and decorative beams
  • Rustic and character products
  • Epoxied products


We've had the pleasure of working with:

Brill Company
idX Corp

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